Welcome to Washington Dee Dee

Born to dress entire generations of women, each Washington Dee Cee garment is a symbol of
Girl Power, resourcefulness and self confidence, and stands out among the great most wanted of the moment.

A Celebration Of American Western Wear

Respect for tradition and love for life in the open in the american West are the main features of the legendary Nashville brand, that aims to re-write the story of ranchwear in a contemporary key, translating its aestethics into a fresh, bold and captivating new language

A Tribute

Each Washington Dee Cee garment is characterized by an authentic design approach, high quality materials and craftsmanship, unique details, to pay tribute to the origins of western workwear.

The brand’s identity is strictly linked to the ranch and rodeo imagery: directly from the world of cowboys, fringes, studs, traditional embroidery embellish a collection where the classic denim work overall is the undisputed hero.